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Read the latest 9-1-1 emergency facts and how-to's for today's youth.

Educating, informing and protecting
IL-911Info is a joint venture between the Illinois Chapter of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (IL-APCO) and the Illinois Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (I-NENA). Our goal is to communicate with people of all ages on the most effective use of calling 911 in any emergency situation.

The wireless 9-1-1 caller must be aware that the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), that answers the call may not be the PSAP that services the area that the wireless caller is calling from... [Read More]
9-1-1 Bot

Welcome the Newest member of the team...911 Bot
Fully integrated, 911 Bot is always around to assist anyone in the time of an emergency.