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Committee Member Application - Emerging Technology Committee

  1. Illinois APCO Committee Member

    The IL APCO Executive Board is soliciting interest for participation in the Emerging Technology Committee.   This committee was started in 2019, there was a lapse in 2020, and we would like to start having quarterly meetings (at minimum) again. 

    This will be a committee to discuss and highlight the technologies that are existing in our agencies and those that are coming into public safety, that are shaping and changing our industry.  

    Topics may include, but are not limited to,  Next Generation 911, state and regions ESInet deployments, IoT, additional data, First Net, Cybersecurity, Radio/ Radio systems, and any other technologies.  

    Please fill out the included form and contact information.    If you are interested in participating as one of two co-chairs, please indicate that.  

    We will be scheduling an introductory kickoff meeting during the IPSTA conference.

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