• David Swan with Bill Carrow at Historical Collection
  • David Swan Octo 2006 Working at the Historical Collection main desk
  • David checking in at the Special Collections Desk - October 2005
  • David Swan looking up materials from the shelves at the Collection - Oct 2005
  • David Swan addressing IPSTA Conference 2010
  • David Swan receives Presidential Award in 2010
  • David Swan attends the October 2009 ILAPCO Chapter meeting
  • David Swan - APCO History booth - IPSTA Conference 2005
  • Jerry Bleck (left), David Swan (center) , Chuck Wrede (left)
  • David Swan
  • David Swan attends ILAPCO Summer Outing June, 2005
  • David Swan pictured Augst 2008, APCO Conference
  • David Swan adressing the quorum at the APCO National Conference, August 2008, Kansas City
  • David Swan at 2008 National APCO Conference
  • David Swan receives Award from APCO's Chris Fischer Oct 2004
  • David Swan receives a Special Recognition Award from APCO's Chris Fischer Oct 2004 at IPSTA Conference

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